Welcome to my Citro3D Documentation! This is a collection of the notes that I've tooken while learning how to use the 3DS Citro3D library.
If you didn't know already, Citro3D is a library used to develop homebrew for the Nintendo 3DS. It provides an easy to use stateful interface to the PICA200 GPU, the GPU that the 3DS uses.
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Configuring Output

Finally, we have to choose how our target will be shown on the screen.


Target C3D_RenderTarget Object Pointer

For this, simply pass the C3D_RenderTarget object pointer we made before.

Screen gfxScreen_t Enum Value

This controls which screen will be drawn on.
Possible values:

GFX_TOP Top Screen
GFX_BOTTOM Bottom Screen

Side gfx3dSide_t Enum Value

If you are drawing to the top screen and 3D is enabled, this controls which eyebuffer will be drawn on.
Possible values:

GFX_LEFT Left eyebuffer
GFX_RIGHT Right eyebuffer

If you are drawing to the bottom screen or are drawing to the top screen, use GFX_LEFT.

Flags Unsigned 32-Bit Integer

This controls lots of other options, which you'll select using bitwise operators. Make a new unsigned 32-bit integer, and OR it with the following options:


This is used for anti-aliasing.
Possible values:

GX_TRANSFER_SCALE_NO No anti-aliasing.
GX_TRANSFER_SCALE_X 2x1 anti-aliasing.
GX_TRANSFER_SCALE_XY 2x2 anti-aliasing.

No Anti-Aliasing

X Anti-Aliasing

XY Anti-Aliasing