CHMOD Generator


CHMOD Generator is a Linux tool for changing the permissions of files.

Basicly, it's a GUI for the command line tool CHMOD (CHange MODe, aka modify the permissions of a file), and CHOWN (CHange OWNer, aka modify the owner of a file).

This program is written in C++, with the Qt framework. Recently, Ive been learning a lot about using Qt, and C++ so this started out as a test, but I kept on wanting to add features, so I' releasing it.



Latest Version (1.2)

Download executable
Download source code (Zip)

You can also download the latest source code, and compile it yourself, for new features not yet present in the latest release.

Download source code (Zip)
Github Page

Download older versions

Version Binary Source
1.1 Download Zip
1.0 Download Zip
0.1 Download Unavailable